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Junk Removal in Long Beach, CA

Junk Removal in Long Beach, CA

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Junk Removal in Long Beach, CA Junk Removal in Long Beach, CA

After a recent renovation, this customer contacted us for our junk removal services to help her get rid of all of the debris that was left behind. 

Junk Removal Service in Long Beach, CA.

Junk Removal Service in Long Beach, CA.

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Junk Removal Service in Long Beach, CA. Junk Removal Service in Long Beach, CA.

This customer needed our junk removal services for his Long beach home. 

Junk Removal Services in Long Beach, CA.

Junk Removal Services in Long Beach, CA.

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Junk Removal Services in Long Beach, CA. Junk Removal Services in Long Beach, CA.

This customer called in need of our junk removal services. We were able to show up same day and have it handled in minutes.

Responsible Mattress & Junk Removal in Long Beach, CA

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Trusted junk removal experts in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach may be the sixth-largest city in California, but it has a remarkably small-town feel. With bike-friendly streets and thoughtfully planned neighborhoods, Long Beach ranks in the top 10 most walkable cities in the United States. While this makes it easy to move around the city, it can make hauling unwanted junk and hard-to-move items a little tricky. That’s where The Junkluggers of Southern LA County comes in! Our professional junk luggers will do the heavy lifting and hauling for you, bringing our environmentally friendly junk removal services to your home or business in Long Beach, CA, and the nearby areas.

Eco-friendly furniture removal & junk hauling in Long Beach, CA & Nearby

Home to sprawling green spaces, marine life, and more, green living is high on the city of Long Beach’s list of priorities. The Junkluggers of Southern LA County’s environmentally-friendly junk removal services align perfectly with Long Beach’s sustainability initiatives.

Working on a home improvement project? We offer construction and post-renovation cleanouts, ensuring construction and demolition waste is kept out of landfills and recycled responsibly according to Long Beach’s requirements. Want to get rid of that old mattress, desk, or broken appliance? No problem! No matter the junk, The Junkluggers of Southern LA County can help dispose of your items quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, sustainably. Our expert luggers work tirelessly to put your unwanted items to good use by donating, recycling, and ethically disposing of every item we collect. Some of the items we collect in Long Beach, CA and the nearby areas include:

  • Tables & chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators & freezers
  • Hot tubs
  • Countertops
  • Televisions, computers, & other electronics
  • Shingles & tile
  • Yard debris & waste

Looking for sustainable junk removal services in Long Beach? The Junkluggers of Southern LA County has got you covered! Contact us at 1-844-418-0042 today to schedule your free junk removal estimate!

Sustainable junk removal specialists serving Long Beach, CA

Getting rid of old furniture, heavy appliances, and other unwanted junk can be a hassle. The good news? It doesn’t have to be! The Junkluggers of Southern LA County is Long Beach, CA’s go-to local provider for fast and efficient junk removal services, including appliance removal, furniture removal, construction and renovation disposal, estate cleanouts, and more.

When you work with our team of expert luggers, you can rest assured your unwanted items are disposed of responsibly. We’ll donate, recycle, and repurpose everything we can, helping you reclaim your space and do good in the process. Some of our sustainable removal services include:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic and garage cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Curious about our junk removal services and the items we take? Give us a call today at 1-844-418-0042 or fill out the provided form to book a free junk removal estimate in Long Beach, CA.

Job Stories From Long Beach, CA
Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA

Our customer had recently moved into a home where the seller had left too many items behind in the garage, including some old heavy cabinetry and a roll of hard to reach carpet up in the rafters!  One call to The Junkluggers and these unsightly and unwanted items were gone!

Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 1Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 2Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 3Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 4
Furniture removal services in Long Beach, CA.

This customer called us for Furniture removal services after seeing our truck parked in front of her condo for a few days recently while we were there for another job. She had recently purchased a condo there where unfortunately the previous owner didn't completely clean out all of his items, so, she called us. After a fast assessment of the situation we were able to come up with a quote to complete the job that she saw as very fair and we started hauling everything out. Fortunately much of the furniture was donate-able and went to one of our charity partners. Several items, including the non-functional appliances were recycled and just a handful of items were left to be ethically disposed of. 

By the end of the job the customer was so thrilled with how quickly and efficiently we worked she let us know she would be calling us back very soon to clear out the demo debris before a complete remodel could take place. 

Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA.

We love it when our customers call us back for additional projects. This time it was a customer who had previously hired us to do an estate clean out  in her rental condo and now needed the debris from the subsequent renovation removed. 

This included walls, doors, countertops, vanities, cabinets, tile, mirrors, carpeting and sub-carpeting. Basically everything but the walls, ceiling and floors needed to be hauled out of there and we were happy to help!

Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA. - Photo 1
Clearing yard debris & providing waste removal services in Long Beach, CA.

Our customer called upon the Junkluggers in preparation for an upcoming estate sale. Since they would be using the yard to stage and sell items, it had to look neat and tidy and it was going to take some work to get it there. We stopped by the day before work was expected to begin to provide a no-obligation estimate and walk the customer through exactly what we could do to help and how we would accomplish their goals for the yard. We agreed on a fair estimate and scheduled the job for the following day.

Upon return, our Luggers went to work clearing wood piles, leaves, old plastic pails and lots of other miscellaneous items. After the yard was clear we neatly organized the customers shed and even rakes and swept up in order to leave the yard turn-key ready for the sale. 

Two full storage units need furniture and Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA.

Our customers had recently lost a loved one who left behind two large & very full storage units. They had carefully gone through the units and taken the items that they wanted but were left with an overwhelming amount of old furniture, boxes of ancient paperwork and other miscellaneous items that needed to be cleaned out. So, naturally, they called the Junkluggers!

Once we met them on site, a fair estimate was provided and agreed upon and we began work immediately. Knowing the volume we had to clear, we brought out two empty trucks and plenty of Luggers to do the job. After just a couple of hours we were on our way to find new homes for the items and our customers were left with nothing but relief.


Junk removal services from a backyard in Long Beach, CA.

Our customers had recently purchased their dream home, but it came with some unwanted items; a big rotting metal barrel ful of dirt, some abandoned furniture and then there was the issue of all the moving boxes left over from thier move in. Junkluggers to the rescue! After a quick estimate, we agreed on a fair price and removed everything quickly, leaving thier new space looking, well,... New!

Estate clean out services in a condo in Long Beach, CA.

After the loss of a dear friend, our customer contacted us overwhelmed with the responsibility of clearing out a very full condo of items. After a quick on-site assessment, we agreed on the services we would provide and the price for removal. Over two days and couple of truck loads, we were able to completely clear the condo and alleviate all the stress and concern associated with it. 

Boys & Girls club of Long Beach hires the Luggers for junk removal services

After a recent renovation, our local Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach needed some help removing some old furniture, filing cabinets and debris from thier play yard & dumpster area. After calling around and struggling to find a service that could do the removal within their limited budget, they finally called us. We are happy to help and were able to work within their budget and get the job done quickly and look forward to partnering with them in the future across all their nearby centers!

Hot tub removal services from a beautiful back yard in Long Beach, CA.

Our customer needed help removing a 20+ year old non-functional hot tub from his beautiful back yard to make room for a new hot tub.

The old hot tub had a wooden base and wooded sides that had rotted and become fragile over the years, making the removal of the hot tub a delicate operation. Our team was able to assess, find the best path for a safe removal and extract the hot tub. Even with a significant amount of debris clean up and sweeping, our team was able to complete the job in less than an hour and a half!

The customer was ecstatic and couldn't wait to have the new unit installed so he and his family could once again make the most of their lovely backyard. 

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