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Junk Removal Service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Junk Removal Service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

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Junk Removal Service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Junk Removal Service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

This customer called us back to take a few additional items after they finished a remodel. We were happy to come back and provide Junk Removal Service.

Junk removal service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Junk removal service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

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Junk removal service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Junk removal service in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

We were called for our services on this job by a professional organizer we work with to remove some junk in Rancho Palos Verdes

Storage Unit Cleanout service in Whitter, CA.

Storage Unit Cleanout service in Whitter, CA.

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Storage Unit Cleanout service in Whitter, CA. Storage Unit Cleanout service in Whitter, CA.

This customer needed our services with two full storage unit cleanouts. 

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Los Angeles, CA’s reliable junk removal specialists

At The Junkluggers of Southern LA County, we offer efficient, dependable, and sustainable junk removal services. We proudly serve Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas in Los Angeles County. From appliance removal to e-waste recycling to curbside pickup, we do it all! There is truly no junk removal project too massive or too minuscule for our trained professionals. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Even better, all of the services we offer are eco-friendly. We are committed to preventing harm to the environment and the community here in Los Angeles, CA. That is why we have made it our mission to keep 100% of the junk we haul from entering landfills by the year 2025. How do we plan to achieve this? Our experts make every effort to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of our clients' unwanted items. We even offer tax-deductible receipts for items we donate! Check out some of our sustainable services:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Ready to begin your junk removal project? Forget the hassle when you partner with The Junkluggers of Southern LA County in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today at 1-844-418-0042 or complete the provided form to schedule your junk removal estimate!

Furniture removal professionals serving Los Angeles, CA

Are you tired of looking at that outdated floral sofa in your living room, but dreading the removal process? Not only will you have to carefully maneuver that unwanted sofa and potentially hurt yourself in the process, but then you also have to determine what to do with this piece. Skip the stress and strain of furniture removal when you partner with us. Our experts will carefully and seamlessly remove your unwanted furniture item. They will even go the extra mile to ensure that your unwanted sofa won’t end up in a landfill!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable, efficient, sustainable furniture removal provider, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today at 1-844-418-0042 or simply click below to schedule your free furniture removal estimate in Los Angeles, CA.

Job Stories From Los Angeles County, CA
Hot tub removal services from a beautiful back yard in Long Beach, CA.

Our customer needed help removing a 20+ year old non-functional hot tub from his beautiful back yard to make room for a new hot tub.

The old hot tub had a wooden base and wooded sides that had rotted and become fragile over the years, making the removal of the hot tub a delicate operation. Our team was able to assess, find the best path for a safe removal and extract the hot tub. Even with a significant amount of debris clean up and sweeping, our team was able to complete the job in less than an hour and a half!

The customer was ecstatic and couldn't wait to have the new unit installed so he and his family could once again make the most of their lovely backyard. 

Last minute furniture removal services in Torrance, CA.

 Our customer and her family had been preparing for months to leave their apartment in Torrance, CA for their new home in North Carolina. But, with all of the arrangements they had prepared for, there was still the matter of all the furniture they would have to leave behind. With just days to go before the move, they reached out to us for help. Our team was able to arrive the very next day, give them a free on site estimate and remove the pieces of furniture. 

Our customer expressed their appreciation for our timely and professional response to her needs. 

Now, with some of that furniture off to donation centers and the burden of removal off of our customers shoulders, it became a win, win, win situation for everyone. 

Carson, CA Yard Debris Removal Services

During a landscaping renovation, our customer discovered that her yard was littered with literally tons of buried stones and construction materials. While they were able to relocate the materials during the renovation, they did not have the ability to dispose of those items themselves. This meant piles of unwanted debris taking away from the otherwise impressive work they had just completed on their property. They contacted us and upon arrival we provided the customer with a free estimate that was quickly agreed upon and we removed all unwanted stones and materials. In just one hour we took everything except for the few large stones that the customer wanted to keep. 

Redondo Beach, CA Junk Removal Services

Our customer contacted us to remove a very large wood pile that had been sitting for 20 years in her otherwise beautifully tended to garden of a backyard. While removing the wood, one of our luggers noticed some movement between the logs and after a moment shock had passed, carefully overturned a log hiding a family of opossums! A mother and her seven little ones had been using this wood pile as thier home. Well, since it was our job to remove it, we had to come up with an alternate solution for our new furry friends. A quick call to the local Animal Services Department led to the little family finding thier new home in a protected wildlife sancturary nearby. 

Redondo Beach, CA Junk Removal Services - Photo 1
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Piano Removal Services

Our customer was reluctantly letting go of an old family friend. A 120+ year old baby grand piano that had been in his family home his entire life. But over the years it had fallen sorely into ill-repair and wasnt fit to be played or restored. Bring in The Junkluggers! Working with our network of contacts, and relying on the creatiuve resources of one of our Luggers, we found new ways for this well loved piece to find new life. After removal, our team took the time to painstakingly and carefully take the piano apart. Pieces of which would be turned over to two local artists who would then turn them into art pieces and even a new coffee table for a local childrens music academy! Our customers were beyond excited and to hear about our plans and there may even have been a few happy tears shed in the process...

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Piano Removal Services - Photo 1
Boys & Girls club of Long Beach hires the Luggers for junk removal services

After a recent renovation, our local Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach needed some help removing some old furniture, filing cabinets and debris from thier play yard & dumpster area. After calling around and struggling to find a service that could do the removal within their limited budget, they finally called us. We are happy to help and were able to work within their budget and get the job done quickly and look forward to partnering with them in the future across all their nearby centers!

Estate clean out services in a condo in Long Beach, CA.

After the loss of a dear friend, our customer contacted us overwhelmed with the responsibility of clearing out a very full condo of items. After a quick on-site assessment, we agreed on the services we would provide and the price for removal. Over two days and couple of truck loads, we were able to completely clear the condo and alleviate all the stress and concern associated with it. 

Junk removal services from a backyard in Long Beach, CA.

Our customers had recently purchased their dream home, but it came with some unwanted items; a big rotting metal barrel ful of dirt, some abandoned furniture and then there was the issue of all the moving boxes left over from thier move in. Junkluggers to the rescue! After a quick estimate, we agreed on a fair price and removed everything quickly, leaving thier new space looking, well,... New!

Estate clean out services in a newly sold home in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

One of the realtors we work with had just sold a beautiful estate in Rancho Palos Verdes. The only problem was the previous owner had left behind a ton of stuff! Furniture, trash, appliances and more. So the realtor gave us a call to clean it all out before the new owner moved in. No one wants the burden of somebody else’s unwanted items, well, unless you're a Junklugger that is. We love unwanted items!

So after a few minutes of walking the property and a quick estimate, we agreed on a fair price for the removal and started working. two days and two VERY full truck loads later, the home was cleared and the new owner was set up for the fresh start they deserved. 

Two full storage units need furniture and Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA.

Our customers had recently lost a loved one who left behind two large & very full storage units. They had carefully gone through the units and taken the items that they wanted but were left with an overwhelming amount of old furniture, boxes of ancient paperwork and other miscellaneous items that needed to be cleaned out. So, naturally, they called the Junkluggers!

Once we met them on site, a fair estimate was provided and agreed upon and we began work immediately. Knowing the volume we had to clear, we brought out two empty trucks and plenty of Luggers to do the job. After just a couple of hours we were on our way to find new homes for the items and our customers were left with nothing but relief.


Clearing yard debris & providing waste removal services in Long Beach, CA.

Our customer called upon the Junkluggers in preparation for an upcoming estate sale. Since they would be using the yard to stage and sell items, it had to look neat and tidy and it was going to take some work to get it there. We stopped by the day before work was expected to begin to provide a no-obligation estimate and walk the customer through exactly what we could do to help and how we would accomplish their goals for the yard. We agreed on a fair estimate and scheduled the job for the following day.

Upon return, our Luggers went to work clearing wood piles, leaves, old plastic pails and lots of other miscellaneous items. After the yard was clear we neatly organized the customers shed and even rakes and swept up in order to leave the yard turn-key ready for the sale. 

Spring cleaning services in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Our customer was doing some spring cleaning around his home and needed some help removing a few items. A large mattress, and two exercise bikes that no longer fit their needs. The exercise bikes were taken to our partners at Goodwill industries where they would definitely find new homes and we were able to responsibly dispose of the unwanted mattress. 

Furniture removal services for a family on-the-move in Torrance, CA.

Our customer contacted us in advance to help out with some unwanted items they would not be taking with them after their upcoming move. Upon arrival we were able to qucikly assess the situation and come up with a fair price to take their items away. The customer quickly agreed to our estimate and we started work immediately. Dismantling two bed frames, hauling out mattresses, and removing dressers & nightstands. The customer was thrilled with our work and couldn't believe how fast we were. We had the job completed in less than hour! 


Furniture removal services in Carson, CA.

We always take great pride in our customer service, so when a previous customer raves about us to a neighbor and that neighbor in turn calls us to do a job, it makes us smile. This time the recommendation led us back to nearly the exact same address, in fact it was right next door to the previous job. The new customer told us all about how we "wowed" her neighbor. So great! At the end of the job, when we always ask the customer if they are 100% satisfied with our service, she exclaimed that she absolutely was and in fact she wanted to leave a review for us so others would know as well. 

We always apreciate our customers, especially when they are that enthusiastic. 

What a great way to start our day!

Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA.

We love it when our customers call us back for additional projects. This time it was a customer who had previously hired us to do an estate clean out  in her rental condo and now needed the debris from the subsequent renovation removed. 

This included walls, doors, countertops, vanities, cabinets, tile, mirrors, carpeting and sub-carpeting. Basically everything but the walls, ceiling and floors needed to be hauled out of there and we were happy to help!

Junk removal services in Long Beach, CA. - Photo 1
Furniture removal services in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Another happy customer called us back for a second project! We had previously removed a lot of clutter and junk from their home and this time it was furniture removal services they needed. Including chairs, tables, mattresses and box springs. There was also a ton of dontable housewares that we were able to give to our partners at Goodwill industries along with all the furniture. The rest was either recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Furniture removal services in Torrance, CA.

This customer found us after co-worker who had used our services recommended us to her. The family was about to do some re-modeling in their townhome and needed to get rid of several pieces of older furniture and to clean out a storage area in the yard. Once we arrived at the home we assessed the volume that the items would take up in our truck and were able to give the family an estimate. They agreed the price was fair and we began work immediately. In less than an hour we had removed enough items to nearly fill our truck. We ended up donating many of the pieces, recycled several and then disposed of the rest responsibly. 

Junk removal services in Redondo Beach, CA.

Initially, our customer contacted us for furniture & junk removal services to help remove a relatively small number of furniture items and bags of trash from the home they were vacating, but by the time we arrived on site the next day the amount of items had grown significantly. They had simply decided that they didn't really need much of what they had planned on taking with them on the move. So, what was a one truck job had become two! Since we already had another job immediately following theirs, we made arrangements to come back to finish the job later in the day. 

We are always as flexible as possible and will do anything we can to make sure our customers needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. 

Redondo Beach, CA office cleanout services

When an office manager was tasked with clearing out old patio furniture and several large and heavy filing cabinets befoire her boss arrived back in town, she was a bit panicked to say the least. Especially considering the tight layout of the office and the fact that it was on the 2nd fllor without an elevator. But when she reached out to us we were able to get out there the next day and quickly have everything removed before the deadline. 

Furniture removal services in Carson, CA.

After recently completing a massive overhaul on their home (which turned out beautifully) it was time to update some other items around the house. In this case, it was the master bedroom furniture. After contacting us for furniture removal services we were able to quickly agree on a fair price to remove the items and get everything on to our truck in less than 20 minutes. Just in time for the new furniture to arrive and take it's place. We were able to donate almost all of the furniture we took out and provided a donation receipt to the customer. 

Junk removal services in Redondo Beach, CA.

This customer was nearly finished with her move to a new home and just needed a handful of items removed on the last day of the move. She contacted us for junk and furniture removal services. We were finished with everything in just a few minutes and she was free to head over to the new location to start unpacking. 

We donated all of the furniture to one of our local charity partners, sent her a donation receipt and disposed of the rest responsibly. 

Furniture removal services in San Pedro, CA.

When a US Air Force Officer gets promoted and has to move from one base to another this might also mean letting go of some old furniture. That is exactly why this gentleman called us for our furniture removal services. Couches, chairs, tables, outdated televisions and much more were loaded on to our truck in just under an hour. Nearly filling it up in the process. While some of the items weren't in any condition to be donated, many were and we were able to send our customer the donation receipts. The television sets were e-recycled and the remainder of the items were responsibly disposed of. 

Furniture removal services in Long Beach, CA.

This customer called us for Furniture removal services after seeing our truck parked in front of her condo for a few days recently while we were there for another job. She had recently purchased a condo there where unfortunately the previous owner didn't completely clean out all of his items, so, she called us. After a fast assessment of the situation we were able to come up with a quote to complete the job that she saw as very fair and we started hauling everything out. Fortunately much of the furniture was donate-able and went to one of our charity partners. Several items, including the non-functional appliances were recycled and just a handful of items were left to be ethically disposed of. 

By the end of the job the customer was so thrilled with how quickly and efficiently we worked she let us know she would be calling us back very soon to clear out the demo debris before a complete remodel could take place. 

Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services

Our customer called us to help her clear out her father's dentist office. He had been in the same location for over 50 years and had kept many of the original furniture, cabinets and other such items since day one! It was like stepping into a time machine. This also included hundreds of pounds of physical paper records from his patients. These documents, of course, needed to be disposed of responsibly as they contained sensitive information. We contacted one of our trusted resources who is licensed to shred documents and provides certification of destruction, all for a very reasonable price. 

Many of the furniture pieces were donated to local partners and lots of items were recycled - fulfilling our commitment to keeping as much of what we haul out of landfills as possible. 

Furniture removal services in Lomita, CA.

Our customer called us in a bind, he had to have his items removed asap and he had a strict budget. We were able to accommodate him on both. Not only was he happy with our response time, but was equally happy to find our pricing affordable. 

We had everything cleared out in less than an hour which left plenty of time for him to finish the rest of his move. 

Several of the items were either donated or recycled, leaving very little that needed to be disposed of. 

Furniture removal services in Lomita, CA. - Photo 1
Junk Removal Services in San Pedro, CA.

This customer contacted us shortly after purchasing their dream home in San Pedro, CA. They needed our junk removal services to take care of some random items left behind by the previous owners as well as several boxes and packing materials from their move in.

The biggest item was a large wooden board covered in fabric that measured over 14 feet! it needed to be cut up in to smaller sections in order to be transported safely. A few of the items we picked up were able to be donated to our donation partners, including a chandelier and a lamp. 

Junk removal services in San Pedro, CA.

Getting ready to move is never easy. Especially when you have an old refrigerator that you need removed & it's even worse when that fridge is on the 3rd floor! Well, none of that is a problem for us Junkluggers. This customer called us in to help and within minutes we had that fridge out of the townhome and onto our truck where it was then headed to the recycling center. Another item saved from the landfill and a happy customer who didn’t have to lift a finger to do it. 

Estate Clean Out Services, Lomita, CA.

This customer contacted us for an entire estate clean out. Oversized couches, a 4 poster bed, two other bedroom sets, filing cabinets, e-waste, tables and chairs, basically an entire 3 bedroom house. With our services, the only finger they had to lift was to point to what they wanted removed. Most of the items were donatable and went to one of our donation partners. Everything else was responsibly disposed of. The customer stated that they felt such relief after we had taken everything out. 

Estate Clean Out Services, Lomita, CA. - Photo 1
Furniture removal services in Carson, CA.

This customer called us up for our furniture removal services. They had a couch, a desk and a couple of mattresses that they didn't need anymore. We were able to show up the same day that they called and haul the items out in minutes. The couch and desk both went to one of our donation partners. Two more pieces of furniture saved from the landfill!

Redondo Beach, CA . Furniture Removal Services

This particular customer had a few items left behind by a tenant that they needed removed from their rental property before they could rent it out again. A few items, like a large buffet, were very heavy and there was no easy way to remove them. There were also sectional couches, desks and some other items. With a bit of careful planning, our luggers were able to quickly and safely remove everything. Several of the items we hauled out went to a couple of donation partners. More items saved from the landfill! The customer expressed that they were very happy with our service and in particular how fast and efficient we were. 

Redondo Beach, CA . Furniture Removal Services - Photo 1
San Pedro, CA Junk Removal Services

Our customers had recently lost a family member in San Pedro, But they lived on the east coast and were only able to come to town for a few days to take care of the apartment and all of the belongings. They called us to help with some junk removal services to handle the last of the items, which was mostly just a few bags of trash and some small furniture pieces. We were able to show up right away, gave a fair price for removal and had the job completed in just minutes. 

Harbor City Furniture removal services, CA.

Our customers called us for furniture removal services following the sale of their home. Two full bedroom sets, a couple of couches and some odds and ends meant a full truck of items. We were able to assess, estimate and complete the job in just over an hour. Some of the items we took to our donation center partners so they could find new homes of their own. 

San Pedro, CA. Piano Removal Services

We receive a lot of calls to help with our piano removal services. We always do a lot of work to try and find he best possible home for each piece. This one was no exception. Sometimes the pianos go to schools, prop houses and in many cases, like this, to individual homes that have always wanted a piano but lacked the means to acquire one. 

We place ads and vet the applications carefully in an effort to make sure it ends up where it belongs, in this case a family with a young daughter who desperately wanted to lean how to play. 

We received no payment for the piano or the delivery, just the satisfaction that we did the right thing and saved another beautiful instrument from the landfill and into the hands of someone who will love it. 


Piano Removal Services in Carson, CA.

This beautiful piano needed to find a new home, so the customer called us for our piano removal services. We spend quite a bit of time finding the right home for pianos that we are asked to haul away. In this case, we found a couple in a nearby neighborhood that had always wanted a piano but lacked the ability to acquire one themselves. It is always satisfying connecting the right piece with the right person. 

Piano Removal Services in Carson, CA. - Photo 1
Wilmington, CA Furniture removal services

When you are looking to make some space in the garage, trying to find a way to remove unwanted items can be a challenge. Such was the case with this customer. 

When he called us for our furniture removal services, he initially wanted to get rid of a couple of lounge chairs. But, by the time we arrived and started the estimate, he found that we could help him with other items as well. Old tires, a broken treadmill and a few other odds and ends that they also wanted to get rid of. 

We were happy to adjust the estimate and haul all of their items away in no time at all. 

We were even able to recycle and donate some of what we hauled out.  More items saved from the landfill! 

Carson, CA. Junk Removal Service

This customer was renting out his pool to people in the local community and needed to clear out some old items and debris from his side yards in order to create a clear path to and from the pool.

Our team was able to have everything cleared out quickly and we always sweep up after ourselves, leaving the paths in optimal condition for our customer's pool-destined patrons!


Carson, CA. Junk Removal Service - Photo 1
Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services

We love it when one job works to help out several people and the environment. This office requested our clean-out service when they were closing the doors. Almost everything we hauled out was donated and recycled. That included many of these large white boards that went to a local High School (That one of our Luggers used to attend, no less). The rest went to not one, but two of our other donation partners with the remaining handful of items being recycled or responsibly disposed of. 

Keeping our promise to give back to our community and keep items out of the landfill. Good stuff. 

Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services - Photo 1
Furniture removal Service for a mother and daughter in Signal Hill, CA.

Here at The Junkluggers we pride ourselves in being adaptable to just about any situation that we can help with. When the mother & daughter called us up for this particular job (booking us for furniture removal service in Signal Hill, CA.) they had a few special circumstances that needed to be met. They were combining two units in the same apartment complex into one, As the mother was moving into the daughters unit and the daughter was moving out. This meant that the timing had to be perfect and the hauling had to be done in stages. Spread out over a few weeks at first and then finally, the last portion completed a month later. In addition, some items form one unit would need to be hauled out while others would need to be moved from one unit to the other. All of this was happening in a large complex with tiny elevators, several floors & long hauls in and out of the building to our trucks. 

Not only were we able to meet the customers needs, but according to them, we exceeded them. Our guys take pride in that and it is something we will always strive to do no matter how complicated a job can be. 

Bellflower, CA furniture removal service

After finishing school, this customer had decided that it was time to move back home for a bit. With an entire one bedroom apartment that needed to be removed, they called us for our removal services. We were able to show up the same day, remove everything quickly and safely. We then took many of the items to our donation partners where the items were given a second chance to find a new home. 

Dairy farm commercial property clean out Torrance, CA.

After 4 generations, it was time to take the family dairy farm and sell it off. with 6 buildings and almost 100 years of accumulated items, this was going to be a serious undertaking. While working closely with the family throughout the process, we carefully coordinated our teams and trucks to take everything where it needed to go. We called in support form our network to give every item a chance at a second life and were able to donate a lot of what we found. What wasn't donated was either recycled or disposed of properly. 

In the end, we worked quickly and efficiently and the property was cleared out 2 days faster than we originally predicted. 


Lomita home needed our Help for Hoarders Service in CA.

This customer called us in to help with a hoarder home situation in Lomita, CA. The entire 2 bedroom home and grounds needed to be cleared of appliances, furniture, carpeting, tons of trash and other debris left behind by the previous tenant. We were able to come by with two trucks and a team of professional haulers that had everything cleared and ready for the next step by the end of the day. 

Appliance Removal Service in Harbor City, CA.

This customer reached out to us for Appliance Removal Service to their Harbor City Condominium. The item up for removal was an older broken refrigerator. The issue was that this particular unit was very wide and the doorways were very small. In addition to that challenge there was a very narrow set of stairs that would need to be traversed. Needless to say the customer was concerned about incurring damage to their home during the removal. 

 After some careful consideration, planning, and taking off all of the removable parts of the unit, we were able to remove the item with no damage to the condo. 

Shed demolished and removed in Cerritos, CA. Yard debris & waste removal service.

During a previous appointment to remove a non-functional stove unit, Our lead lugger asked this customer if she had any other projects we could help with. As it turned out the customer needed an old shed removed but didn't know that we could help with that sort of thing. She scheduled the follow up visit for the shed right away. Our expert team was able to safely dismantle the wooden structure and have the entire thing hauled out in less than half of a day. 

Help for hoarders

Our repeat customer had us come back to finish clearing out the final bedroom (carpet removal) and emptying the garage for the home inherited last year after a relative had passed.  We helped them turn a difficult situation around and allowed them to move forward by assisting them to ready the home for listing.

Help for hoarders - Photo 1Help for hoarders - Photo 2Help for hoarders - Photo 3Help for hoarders - Photo 4Help for hoarders - Photo 5Help for hoarders - Photo 6
Help for Hoarders in Lakewood, CA

Our customer needed assistance with her relative's home- many years of accumulated junk needed to be cleared out and we handled it efficiently, in and out in just a couple of hours!

Help for Hoarders in Lakewood, CA - Photo 1Help for Hoarders in Lakewood, CA - Photo 2
Bulky Item Removal in Lakewood, CA

Our customer had two heavy, bulky items that weren't working for them any longer.  These big, heavy items are our specialty!  These types of items are very difficult to handle on your own and our customer knew it was time to call on The Junkluggers.  We took care of these items efficiently and removed them for a fair price.

Bulky Item Removal in Lakewood, CA - Photo 1Bulky Item Removal in Lakewood, CA - Photo 2Bulky Item Removal in Lakewood, CA - Photo 3Bulky Item Removal in Lakewood, CA - Photo 4
Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA

Our customer had recently moved into a home where the seller had left too many items behind in the garage, including some old heavy cabinetry and a roll of hard to reach carpet up in the rafters!  One call to The Junkluggers and these unsightly and unwanted items were gone!

Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 1Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 2Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 3Garage Cleanout in Long Beach, CA - Photo 4
Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA

Our commercial business customer in Torrance had too much packing material pile up over the holidays.  We came in, removed, loaded and recycled it all very quickly and for a fair price.

Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 1Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 2Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 3Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 4Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 5Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 6Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 7Commercial Removal Project in Torrance, CA - Photo 8
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