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Garage Cleanout in Torrance, CA.

Garage Cleanout in Torrance, CA.

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Garage Cleanout in Torrance, CA. Garage Cleanout in Torrance, CA.

Our customer was a realtor that needed our garage Cleanout services after a tenant left a lot of items behind.

Furniture Removal in Torrance, CA.

Furniture Removal in Torrance, CA.

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Furniture Removal in Torrance, CA. Furniture Removal in Torrance, CA.

Our customer called us for furniture removal services when he decided to upgrade his bedroom set. We were able to remove the items quickly and donated them to a charity partner within hours, providing the customer with donation receipts. 

Junk removal services in Torrance, CA.

Junk removal services in Torrance, CA.

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Junk removal services in Torrance, CA. Junk removal services in Torrance, CA.

This customer called for junk removal service while consolidating two homes. 

Fast & Efficient Junk Removal Services in Torrance, CA

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Trusted junk removal experts in Torrance, CA

Locals tend to refer to Torrance as the hidden gem of LA County’s south bay—and for good reason! With a strong historical heart, laid-back beach vibe, and a mix of old and new shops, this small coastal city is full of charm. While there’s a lot to love about Torrance, traffic is not one of them. No one wants to sacrifice their time in the sun waiting for traffic to clear, especially with a vehicle full of old junk. The good news? Now you don’t have to!

If you need to get rid of unwanted junk in Torrance, CA or nearby, The Junkluggers of Southern LA County can help. Our professional luggers will take care of all your junk hauling needs, including navigating traffic on the 405! Our eco-friendly junk removal services will not only give you more time to soak up the sun but you'll also have peace of mind that your items are being disposed of responsibly.

Eco-friendly furniture removal & junk hauling

Worried about your old furniture, broken appliances, or outdated electronics finding their way to places they shouldn’t be? The Junkluggers of Southern LA County is 100% committed to ethically disposing of unwanted junk and other items. From mattresses and desks to yard waste and construction debris, our team strives to keep your junk out of landfills and help people in need. We make it a point to donate, recycle, or repurpose every item that we collect. Some of the items The Junkluggers of Southern LA County collects in Torrance, CA and the surrounding area includes:

  • Tables & chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators & freezers
  • Hot tubs
  • Pianos
  • Countertops
  • Televisions, computers, & other electronics
  • Shingles & tile
  • Yard debris & waste

In search of environmentally-friendly and reliable junk removal services in Torrance or nearby? Look no further than The Junkluggers of Southern LA County! Contact us at 1-844-418-0042 today to schedule your free eco-friendly junk removal estimate!

Book a free junk removal estimate in Torrance, CA or nearby today!

Have heavy or hard-to-move furniture, mattresses, appliances, or other unwanted junk to get rid of? Let The Junkluggers of Southern LA County help! As Torrance’s trusted resource for junk removal services, we’re experts at clearing out your home or business quickly and efficiently. Whether you need help with an attic or garage cleanout, e-waste recycling, appliance removal, estate cleanout, or something else, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting. Plus, you can rest assured your items are disposed of responsibly! Our junk luggers work tirelessly to donate, recycle, or repurpose the items we collect. Some of our sustainable removal services include:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic and garage cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Property management cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Have a question about our junk removal services and the items we take? Give us a call today at 1-844-418-0042 or click the button below to book a free, no-obligation junk removal estimate in Torrance, CA.

Job Stories From Torrance, CA
Dairy farm commercial property clean out Torrance, CA.

After 4 generations, it was time to take the family dairy farm and sell it off. with 6 buildings and almost 100 years of accumulated items, this was going to be a serious undertaking. While working closely with the family throughout the process, we carefully coordinated our teams and trucks to take everything where it needed to go. We called in support form our network to give every item a chance at a second life and were able to donate a lot of what we found. What wasn't donated was either recycled or disposed of properly. 

In the end, we worked quickly and efficiently and the property was cleared out 2 days faster than we originally predicted. 


Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services

We love it when one job works to help out several people and the environment. This office requested our clean-out service when they were closing the doors. Almost everything we hauled out was donated and recycled. That included many of these large white boards that went to a local High School (That one of our Luggers used to attend, no less). The rest went to not one, but two of our other donation partners with the remaining handful of items being recycled or responsibly disposed of. 

Keeping our promise to give back to our community and keep items out of the landfill. Good stuff. 

Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services - Photo 1
Torrance, CA. Office Cleanout Services

Our customer called us to help her clear out her father's dentist office. He had been in the same location for over 50 years and had kept many of the original furniture, cabinets and other such items since day one! It was like stepping into a time machine. This also included hundreds of pounds of physical paper records from his patients. These documents, of course, needed to be disposed of responsibly as they contained sensitive information. We contacted one of our trusted resources who is licensed to shred documents and provides certification of destruction, all for a very reasonable price. 

Many of the furniture pieces were donated to local partners and lots of items were recycled - fulfilling our commitment to keeping as much of what we haul out of landfills as possible. 

Furniture removal services in Torrance, CA.

This customer found us after co-worker who had used our services recommended us to her. The family was about to do some re-modeling in their townhome and needed to get rid of several pieces of older furniture and to clean out a storage area in the yard. Once we arrived at the home we assessed the volume that the items would take up in our truck and were able to give the family an estimate. They agreed the price was fair and we began work immediately. In less than an hour we had removed enough items to nearly fill our truck. We ended up donating many of the pieces, recycled several and then disposed of the rest responsibly. 

Furniture removal services for a family on-the-move in Torrance, CA.

Our customer contacted us in advance to help out with some unwanted items they would not be taking with them after their upcoming move. Upon arrival we were able to qucikly assess the situation and come up with a fair price to take their items away. The customer quickly agreed to our estimate and we started work immediately. Dismantling two bed frames, hauling out mattresses, and removing dressers & nightstands. The customer was thrilled with our work and couldn't believe how fast we were. We had the job completed in less than hour! 


Last minute furniture removal services in Torrance, CA.

 Our customer and her family had been preparing for months to leave their apartment in Torrance, CA for their new home in North Carolina. But, with all of the arrangements they had prepared for, there was still the matter of all the furniture they would have to leave behind. With just days to go before the move, they reached out to us for help. Our team was able to arrive the very next day, give them a free on site estimate and remove the pieces of furniture. 

Our customer expressed their appreciation for our timely and professional response to her needs. 

Now, with some of that furniture off to donation centers and the burden of removal off of our customers shoulders, it became a win, win, win situation for everyone. 

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